RootsTech 2014 Finally Here!

RootsTech is finally here! This year will be a bit different in that it has been in past years in that it is kicking off with the Innovator Summit. Therefore, RootsTech will be bigger and better than ever!


In preparation for RootsTech, here’s what I’ve done:

  • Spent a couple of hours refining my RootsTech schedule.
  • Rehearsed my three presentations.
  • Ironed my new FamilySearch shirts that I will be wearing throughout the conference. These are new shirts, not shirts promoting ;).
  • Fixed bugs on the familysearch ruby gem.
  • Fine tuned my apple drum set for my Kickstarter presentation.
  • Helped prepare some of the screens for Dennis Brimhall’s keynote presentation. It is going to be great!
  • Met with participants on the “Business Opportunities: Photos & Stories API” panel: Friday @ 4:00pm. This unfortunately conflicts with my Mac presentation.
  • Test drove the really cool familysearch-javascript-sdk in preparation for Dallan Quas’ exciting presentations.
  • Set my alarm for really early so that I can make it into the office before the 9am breakfast RootsDev meet-up at the Blue Lemon tomorrow morning.

This year’s conference is going to rock! Time to suit up!