I’m (not) an SEO Expert!

Based on LinkedIn endorsements, my profile makes me look like I’m an expert in SEO. Perhaps this is because 7 years ago, I was doing a lot of stuff in the SEO world and it was one of my first skills recognized on LinkedIn. Today, I’m not an expert in SEO. I have a stale knowledge of how SEO worked 7 years ago with Google Page Rank, using the terms that you want to optimize consistently and naturally throughout your post content, making sure you mark up the key terms in headers, titles, etc.

I’m not an SEO expert nor do I really want that skill on my resumé. I guess need to spend some time on my LinkedIn profile so that it gives a more accurate representation of me. Update: I found a way to bury SEO down on the Skills & Endorsements section.

If you have worked with me recently, will you do me a favor and please endorse some of my more current skills (Account Management, Product Management, Family History, Genealogy)? Only do this if you think the skill(s) really deserve endorsement. Thank you!