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Releasing the Brakes

One challenge of working within a large organization is that there are lots of people with control of the brakes and few people protecting the champions who are trying to affect change. I realize there is a need for occasional braking, but too much pressure on the brakes could lead to a very slow moving organization …

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Photo By: Jim Lange Earlier this month, Ryan Money gave a keynote address talking about some challenges he sees in working within a large corporation vs a start-up. Having come from the start-up world, I could relate with some of the frustrations he has also experienced while moving into big corporations. One of the challenges …

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As a manager, I have often found myself at the end of the day having not accomplished anything except having responded to emails. This has felt really frustrating because there are other things that my team and my boss expect me to do. I’ve recently discovered a FREE e-book called Focus which has some very …

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