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Apple’s Copy Crush

Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote revealed some cool new innovative features for Mac OS X and iOS. It also showed off several features that simply copied from products built on its platform. In an attempt to dazzle developers with the new features, Apple sent the message, “We will copy your features and crush your apps!” The …

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Alfred Custom Searches for Genealogists

Here are some of the Alfred custom searches I’ve set up for genealogy related things. To install these in Alfred, simply click on the links. Wiki Search: ancwiki {search terms} FamilySearch Catalog Place Search: catp {the place} FamilySearch Catalog Surname Search: cats {the surname} FamilySearch Books Search: fsbooks {search term} FamilySearch Wiki: fswiki {search …

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Switching to a MacBook

Yesterday, I got a nice and shiny new white MacBook. I eagerly tracked my order from China to Provo, and couldn’t wait to come home and fire it up. So far my experience has been very good. I used a Mac for about a year and a half while working at BYU’s SAS Creative Marketing …

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