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Alfred Custom Searches for Genealogists

Here are some of the Alfred custom searches I’ve set up for genealogy related things. To install these in Alfred, simply click on the links.

Using Mac Spaces

The first time I tried using Spaces on the Mac, it really didn’t click for me. I recently found myself frantically trying to keep up with everything at work and getting distracted mid-thought by other tasks, that I finally decided I needed to try something new.

I decided to give Spaces a try and really stick to it. Today was day 1 in this experiment. I enabled 4 spaces and have designated the spaces as follows:

Space 1: My primary workspace (browsers, text editor, Evernote, etc.)

Space 2: Misc. (haven’t figured this out yet)

Space 3: Communications Apps (Skype, Mail, iCal)

Space 4: Media (iTunes, iPhoto, Twitter)

I actually used the option to constrain those apps to the designated spaces. I use hotkeys to navigate between spaces and I believe it actually helped today. I’ll stick with this for a while and see how it works out for me. Stay tuned!

(Photo used under Creative Commons by Flickr user: mattbrett)

Switching to a MacBook

Yesterday, I got a nice and shiny new white MacBook. I eagerly tracked my order from China to Provo, and couldn’t wait to come home and fire it up.

So far my experience has been very good. I used a Mac for about a year and a half while working at BYU’s SAS Creative Marketing and came to really love Mac OS X. So, I’m not coming from a non-Mac user experience. Still, I’d never started from scratch with a brand new Mac.

The only real complication that I’ve experienced so far is that I was getting really slow response from my D-Link 524 wireless router. I finally fixed the problem by either running the updates, and changing a configuration on the WEP password. I don’t know which one fixed it, but it’s working really well now.

I’m not quite set up to the point that I can put away my Windows machine yet, but I’m getting there. The applications that I’ve installed so far include:

  • Adium – a messenger client that handles my MSN and Google Talk accounts
  • Skype – I can’t live without skype. It’s my favorite chat/voip client
  • Fugu – an visual SFTP application for file transfers
  • Firefox – I’m hooked on Firefox, although I’ll give Safari another look
  • Growl – a notifier that helps with alerting me of Adium messages
  • DarwinPorts – helps me get and compile Open Source applications and their dependencies with which I’ve installed RubyGems, MySQL5, and other web related applications
  • Eclipse – an IDE for writing applications in either Java, PHP, Ruby, etc. I’ll use this until I can get TextMate.

Still to come:

  • Parallels – A virtual machine application that will allow me to run Windows, Linux, etc. while running Mac OS X
  • TextMate – An awesome code editor for the Mac
  • Macromedia Studio – I have a Mac/Windows version of MX 2004 which I’ll be installing here
  • MS Office for Mac – I’m still deciding whether to do this, just run my Windows version from Parallels, or get an Open Office version.
  • Other cool applications from

I still like Mac OS X. I’m new to Tiger, so I don’t have any favorite Dashboard widgets yet. I’m still discovering cool new features that didn’t exit in Panther.

Anyone have a killer app that they can’t go without on the Mac?

UK Get A Mac Commercials

I just discovered that Apple has UK versions of the Get A Mac commercials. There’s something about the British accent and lingo that makes these extra funny. My favorite is the “Office at Home” commercial.

Anyways, I’m still stuck on a PC, but have been dieing to get a mac for about 3 years now. We’re saving up for a Mac, so I’ll probably get one as a graduation present. I’m still not sure whether I want a high-end Mac Book, or a smaller Mac Book Pro. Does anyone have any advice for me on this?

As soon as I’ve got an Internet connection that gives me a public IP address, I’ll probably get a Mac Mini to host my files and act as a small web server.

Boot Camp Boosts Apple Stock

Yesterday, Apple released Boot Camp Public Beta which provides all of the software to run Windows on a Intel-powered Mac.

I have a friend who has hacked his system to dual-boot Windows XP and Mac OS X, but he had no native video card drivers and his machine wouldn’t shut down properly.

I had been considering buying a new Mac Book Pro, an Intel-powered iMac, or an Intel-powered Mac Mini, but I had been holding off until it looked like the dual-boot thing would be more supported.

All around the Information Systems program, Boot Camp has been the big buzz. I have heard several people say, “Buying a Mac is all of a sudden very tempting!”

I love Mac OS X. I think the interface is clean, beautiful, and easy to use. I’m excited to buy a Mac shortly in the future!

Apple Stock has jumped over 15% since the announcement.


Also, check out Google’s new Finance Beta. It is awesome!