Innovator Summit: 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Attend

RootsTech is coming and this year’s focus is on the entrepreneur. Here is why this year’s RootsTech will be the best ever and why entrepreneurs shouldn’t miss it.

1. Innovator Summit Kick-off
This year, a pre-conference day, Feb 5, will be designated as the Innovator Summit Kick-off. A luncheon will be provided, which will give the opportunity to mingle with other entrepreneurs and developers in the family history space. Chris Dancey will be giving a way cool keynote presentation.

There will be no expo hall during the Innovator Summit Kick-off day. This allows exhibitors to participate in the conversations around how to solve existing problems in the genealogy space.

2. Business Opportunities Galore
Many sessions will be focused on business opportunities. Check out the following sessions:

* 4 Industry Gaps…
* FamilySearch is Open For Business!
* Business Opportunity: Photos and Stories
* FamilySearch Town Hall
* MyHeritage Matching API

3. Exploration of the Industry
The expo hall will be bigger than in past years. This presents opportunities to explore who is doing what in the family history space. Meet potential partners and competitors and view early versions of new software.

4. Announcements from Big Players
Expect some big announcements from the big players: Ancestry, FamilySearch, Findmypast, and MyHeritage. These organizations influence a large share of the the family history space, and RootsTech will be a place where announcements are made.

5. Developers and Customers
If you are looking for developers who have experience in and passion for the family history space, you will find them at RootsTech in the developer classes. Expect to find web developers, mobile developers, systems architects, and database gurus.

If you are looking for potential customers, they will be at the conference in abundance. Take time meet your future customers and let them give you insights on the problems they are hoping someone will solve.

Promo Code
Wednesday (1-day) pass: $59
Full Access (4-day) pass: $139
Promo code: IS59JZ1

Wednesday (1-day) pass: $19
Full Access (4-day) pass: $39

I’m not sure how long the promo code will remain active, so use it soon.

The 10% Discount Challenge

Noah Kagan (founder of AppSumo) issued a challenge on The Smart Passive Income podcast the other day to walk into a Starbucks and ask for a 10% discount when you are checking out. I’m not a coffee drinker, and therefore decided I would take the challenge the next time I bought lunch. Today I decided to go for it. Here’s how it went:

When I got up to the checkout, I couldn’t bring myself to ask for the discount. I just kind of froze and handed the nice lady my credit card. I sat down with my lunch and was so disappointed with myself. I had already talked this through my head so many times, that I was “okay” with getting rejected upon the request, but I still couldn’t do it!

I made another resolve that I had to do this and I had to do it today. So, I went back and just grabbed a cookie. I at least needed something for which I could ask a discount. I stepped up to the same checkout and this time I asked, “Can I please get a discount?” The lady looked at me, smiled, and kind of chuckled. She responded, “Sure!” and gave it to me for free. Haha! What an experience!