From Watching Google

Quick Gmail Trick

There are a lot of fun tricks that you can do with your gmail. Here’s a quick one for starters. Your gmail address can have dots anywhere in the address and it will still make it to your account! So, say that your email is, sending emails to the following will still make it …

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Yahoo! Promoting IE7?

Yahoo! is sporting a new banner at the bottom of its search results urging its users to upgrade to a Yahoo! optimized version of Internet Explorer 7. The ad appears for both Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox users. Eric Friedman of believes that the ad “is clearly targeted towards FireFox users.” I’m not convinced …

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Disappearing From Google

About a month ago, I made a switch from Blogger to WordPress, and imported my php blog and tech blog into Jimmy’z Blog. In the process I set up 301 permanent moves to my /blog/ address, which worked pretty slick. About a month later, I’ve noticed that my pages are Disappearing From Google. After I …

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