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Finally done with school

Today was my final day of graduation ceremonies. I’ve finally completed six years of college and now have both a  BSIS  (Bachelor of Science, Information Systems) and a MISM (Master of Information Systems Management) degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management. So what are my plans from here on out? A partner, Brian Corrales, and …

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Executable Conceptual Models

On Wednesday, we began to dive into executable conceptual models in our Information Architecture class with Dr. Liddle. An executable conceptual model is basically the concept of automatically generating working code from a model created with UML. When designing complex enterprise systems, there are often times multiple hundreds to thousands of tables that store all …

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IE7 and IE6 on Same Machine

I’ve been hesitant to upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 because according to analytics data on several of my sites, the majority of Internet Explorer users are still on IE6. My wait is now over. I can finally run my automatic update to install Internet Explorer 7 because Microsoft has released a Virtual PC hard drive …

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