A computer anyone can make

Today, I discovered a really cool project on  Kickstarter: Kano: A computer anyone can make by Kano — Kickstarter

Our software combines Kano OS, a distribution of Debian Linux, with an interface that feels a bit like a console game. It runs six Kano Levels, software projects to make Pong, Snake, Minecraft, videos, and music – with (inshallah) more to come.

The goal of the project is to make building a computer and programming a computer as fun and easy as building a Lego set. It looks really cool and I want to buy one for my kids. It looks like they are going to be sold for $99.

This is basically a Raspberry Pi computer with special OpenSource software, some cool hardware casing, keyboard, cables, and easy to follow instructions. Awesome!

Something cool: Smart Quotes for Smart People

I just found something cool that I wanted to share: Smart Quotes for Smart People

“Smart quotes,” the correct quotation marks and apostrophes, are curly or sloped. “Dumb quotes,” or straight quotes, are a vestigial constraint from typewriters when using one key for two different marks helped save space on a keyboard. Unfortunately, many improper marks make their way onto websites because of dumb defaults in applications and CMSs. Luckily, using correct quotation marks and apostrophes today is easier than you think.

Something cool: JavaScript Weekly

I just found something cool that I wanted to share: http://javascriptweekly.com

Every week JavaScript Weekly’s newsletter comes packed with links to latest happenings in the JavaScript community, new JavaScript libraries that are really cool, tutorials on how to improve your JavaScript programming, and videos from conferences or other presentations. I really like it.