The Passing of my Grandfather

I received a text message early this morning that my grandfather passed away around 3am. I was really close to my grandpa. We share the same middle name “Saville.” I’ve always felt a special connection with Grandpa because of this. I didn’t expect to feel so much grief at his passing, but this morning, I found myself crying uncontrollably.

My grandmother died in December, so losing both of my grandparents has come pretty quickly. I already miss them both immensely.

Despite the grief I feel at this time, I feel I’ve been blessed by tender mercies of the Lord.

Last summer, I spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa, going through an old photo album together. I took pictures of the pictures with my iPhone while I recorded the audio of my Grandparents describing the photos. I wish I could have spent more time doing this, but the memories that I captured during that time will always be precious. I learned things I would have otherwise never known about my grandparents.

Less than a month ago, my cute nephew, Dallan, did an interview with Grandpa, asking him all sorts of questions like:  did you have a pet? What is your favorite color? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? We recorded video from that occasion. It was a very touching experience for me because I was able to watch Dallan connect with his Great Grandpa on things from my Grandpa’s childhood. It was really special.

The Sunday before Easter, my mom brought Grandpa to my house for my birthday celebration. I was able to help carry his wheelchair up and down stairs and to hold him to assist him into the car. The last thing he said to me that day was, “Someday, you will have to come by and teach me how to use my gadgets again.” referring to his iPad mini that he bought last year. He was remarkably sharp when it came to technology—especially considering his old age.

Last night, I had a wonderful dream about my grandparents. I was at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with all of my cousins. I remember some cousins and I were carrying Grandpa through the room, and just felt so much love.

This morning, when my two year old boy woke up, he asked my wife “Mom, where’s Grandpa?” Perhaps Grandpa had come to visit my little Xander. I believe this is very possible.

Easter was a great reminder to me that death is not the end. Jesus Christ was resurrected and because of Him, Grandma, Grandpa, and all of us will be resurrected some day. Life carries on beyond the grave. God gave us a plan of salvation. I’m grateful for the knowledge of that plan. Perhaps that is the most tender of all of the mercies that God has given to me at this time.

Written 23 April, 2014.