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Marshall P Felch’s Dinosaurs

As I’ve been researching Marshall P Felch (FamilySearch: L7PD-KY3), one of my most surprising discoveries was that he discovered dinosaur bones while living in Colorado! There are several resources that discuss his dinosaur quarry. Garden Park Fossil Area Website – This is a great resource that contains letters that were written between Marshall and Othniel Marsh, …

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Alfred Custom Searches for Genealogists

Here are some of the Alfred custom searches I’ve set up for genealogy related things. To install these in Alfred, simply click on the links. Ancestry.com Wiki Search: ancwiki {search terms} FamilySearch Catalog Place Search: catp {the place} FamilySearch Catalog Surname Search: cats {the surname} FamilySearch Books Search: fsbooks {search term} FamilySearch Wiki: fswiki {search …

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Genealogy People to Follow on Twitter

This is my list of genealogy industry people I follow in Twitter: Ancestrydotcom – Ancestry.com geni – Geni.com familylink – FamilyLink.com paulballen – CEO FamilyLink.com snickle22 – President of FamilyLink.com jkericson – FamilyLink.com Yvette_Arts – FamilyLink.com whitter1 – FamilyLink.com amyrhoads – FamilyLink.com radpace – FamilyLink.com DavidLifferth – Former President at FamilyLink.com rootsmagic – RootsMagic.com jslade …

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