Apple’s Copy Crush

Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote revealed some cool new innovative features for Mac OS X and iOS. It also showed off several features that simply copied from products built on its platform. In an attempt to dazzle developers with the new features, Apple sent the message, “We will copy your features and crush your apps!”

The new Spotlight is a near clone of the Alfred App. I have been a big fan and supporter of Alfred App, but as more of Alfred’s features get built into the operating system itself, there may be less reason for me to use and promote Alfred. Sad.

Some of the new iOS Mail features ripped off concepts from Mailbox. Long swipe to delete and swipe for reminder actions are powerful Mailbox features. I believe Mailbox still holds an advantage because its reminder system is superior to the iOS Mail reminder. Mailbox lets you choose when to be reminded. Mail simply flags the message.

Does Apple do itself a disservice by competing with its own app market? Does this make app creators nervous? Or should app writers always assume this risk?