Utah Recording Studios


My brother Dave runs Noisebox Studios which offers the best value recording services of any Utah recording studio. Located in Orem, Utah, Noisebox Studios is a great choice for any band or music artist who is looking to get a top quality recording at an affordable price. If you are a musician in Utah Valley, definitely check out his studio. Dave’s use of state-of-the-art software, equipment, and deep music knowledge and talent make recording at Noisebox Studios the best choice for Utah artists.

State-of-the-art Software and Equipment

recording-equipment.jpgNoisebox Studios uses a variety of state-of-the-art software including Pro Tools 7.3 HD2, Sonar 6.2, and Melodyne 3 for pitch correction. The studio has a whole array of incredible equipment that I’m not going to even attempt to talk about since I don’t know what most of it actually does, but check out the studio pictures.

Deep Music Knowledge and Talent

Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Music from BYU which has given him a solid foundation in music composition, song writing, and instrumental performance. He is a very good drummer and pianist. He has 18 years of drumming experience and 22 years of piano experience. He studied percussion under Jay Lawrence and Dr. Ron Brough, and studied Jazz Piano under Jim Kirchner. During his time at BYU he played in various Jazz Combos, Panoramic Steel, Percussion Ensemble, and was the drum set player for the BYU Men’s Basketball pep band. While finishing school, Dave taught drum lessons at the Crescent School of Music in American Fork, Utah.

After graduation, he accepted a position as a sound engineer at Utah’s famous Tuacahn Amphitheater in St. George. There he met the band Kennedy, and he recorded their first album together. He now enjoys recording, mixing, and mastering music full-time at Noisebox Studios.

Bands and Artists Recorded

Artists that Noisebox Studios has recorded, mixed, and/or mastered include Truman, BYU’s 2007 Battle of the Bands winner; Kennedy, a popular local band of St. George; Mark “Fingermix” Smith, who is a past Pearl award winner. Check out the Noisebox demos page to hear some of the songs and see some of the other artists that have been recorded, mixed, and/or mastered at the studio.

Services Offered

* Recording – vocal, instrumental, audio books, and podcasts
* Mixing – even if you’ve recorded your own music
* Mastering
* Composition – full orchestrated compositions to accompany video, games, etc.