FamilySearch API

I just got word this week that the LDS Church is opening up an API for their new FamilySearch. I believe this will open up a whole array of innovative family history/genealogy applications. Never before has there been an API which would allow developers to gain access to such powerful genealogical resources.

It’s amazing to see how the innovations and changes that happen in the world seem to come together to help the church in moving the work forward. Richard Miller and the rest of the team at the More Good Foundation have been keeping up with the latest web trends and have been using new technology to help move the work along. It’s cool to now see the technical department of the church grab hold of some of the web 2.0 principles and put them to work.

Update: I’ve been developing for a few months now with this new FamilySearch API, and I’m loving it. I’ve got an Open Source Ruby API wrapper project hosted at Google Code.