Genealogy People to Follow on Twitter

This is my list of genealogy industry people I follow in Twitter:


Do you know of anyone else I should be following? Please comment.

[Update 3-17-2009]

Individuals and companies listed here were discovered largely from browsing “Follow” and “Follower” lists throughout the Twitter network; and by identifying individuals that I have worked for (paulballen), associated with via the FamilySearch Developers Network, or met during various family history conferences. I also subscribe to a #genealogy hash-tag feed to find other individuals that post about genealogy.

Some Twitter profiles were discovered from TamuraJones‘ “Follow List” based on the following tip:

How to Get Hooked on Twitter

I started using Twitter on the 25th of November, 2008. Before then, I thought Twitter was an immense waste of time. I finally saw the light, joined, and have become a huge fan.

Here are a few things I did to help me get hooked on Twitter.

1. Used the Gmail address book finder from the “Find People” link at the top. This helped me connect quickly with about 15 friends I didn’t even know used Twitter.

2. Found more friends to follow by exploring my friends’ “Following” lists.

3. Installed TweetDeck and Twitterberry. TweetDeck makes posting updates to your timeline really easy. It also has a handy URL shortener and gives you fast Desktop notification of your friends’ updates. Twitterberry allows you to easily give updates while you are on the go without needing to use SMS.

4. Began tracking my links with is a link shortening service that will give you click stats on all of the links you post. These numbers will begin to show you the power of Twitter as a broadcast medium. Think nobody is listening because they don’t reply? will show you that people actually do care about what you post.

5. Began posting regularly, although I still go through dry spells at time.

Hopefully this post will help other Twitter newbies more effectively use Twitter.

What have you done to get hooked on Twitter?

Any WordPress plug-ins I should be aware of? Other tools?

So THIS is Twitter…

Although I consider myself a pretty tech savvy guy, I’m not as up to date on Internet social life. Today, I updated my status on my Facebook account for the first time ever, and then I thought, Oh, I bet that is what Twitter is really all about.

I visited Twitter and lo and behold, a new video there that explains Twitter in plain English. I never really grokked Twitter, even though I knew what the Fail Whale was. I guess I’m starting to get it now.

Now I just need to actually use it.

(video provided by a cool company named Common Craft)