I work fulltime for FamilySearch, and do some web freelancing on the side. Here is a list of recent projects.

NoteFuser – Jan 2012

I built NoteFuser as a project to mash together my Evernote notes with my family history work. NoteFuser is a Chrome plugin that works with new.FamilySearch.org and Geni.com. It makes it easy to create new Research Logs for ancestors, and to create blank notes that are automatically tagged with your ancestor’s ID and information.

NoteFuser won the Grand Prize in the 2012 RootsTech Developer Challange.

Technologies Used: Chrome Plugin API, JQuery, HTML, Ruby on Rails, Evernote API, OmniAuth.

USFamilyTree.com – 2006-Jan 2012

USFamilyTree.com is a website that allows new.FamilySearch.org patrons discover information about their family tree. It also allows a small team of researchers to collaborate on descendancy research centered on a given surname. USFamilyTree.com’s descendancy tools enable records to be published directly into the new.FamilySearch.org database. The Advanced Tree Inspector pulls data from a user’s FamilySearch family tree, analyzes the information, and provides reports.

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, jQuery, FamilySearch API (ruby-fs-stack)

ruby-fs-stack – Oct 2009 – Present

ruby-fs-stack is a Ruby gem that allows a developer to easily connect to the FamilySearch API and read and write data to the tree. It has an MIT License. This gem has been used by USFamilyTree.com, GeneTree.com, and FamilySearch (training.familysearch.org).

Technologies Used: Ruby, HTTP, JSON