Trust entails more than simply trusting character. It also requires trusting that the person knows what they are doing. My wife and I received a new baby into our lives and we had to trust that the doctor and the nurses were competent in their respective fields of expertise. In our own jobs, we have to build competence in the things we are doing.

Today’s business and technology landscape is changing at a rapid pace. In order to keep up, we must constantly be learning. My learning diet currently consists of listening to podcasts, reading books, reading newsletters, reading online publications, and following experts on social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter. As I begin to write more consistently here, I’ll post some of the resources that I follow.

I’ve also found that it is important to learn and respect the roles of other people with whom you work. For example, if I’m working on a team focused on developing a software product, it is helpful for me to understand the role of the UX designer, the Product Manager, Software Engineers, the Architect, and Project Manager. Even though I may be filling only one of those roles, I should also become conversant in the others’ roles. The purpose of learning the other roles is to build respect for the challenges that each team member faces.

Note: I’m trying to write shorter posts and write more often so this is all I’m writing today.