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Why the Dropbox developer experience is so delightful

Creating a delightful developer experience is really, really difficult to do and the team at Dropbox has done just that. The reason their developer experience is so great is because of a well planned and executed API Developer Journey. An API developer journey is a path taken by a developer that results in successful software integration. It includes the following: Discovery of product …

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API concept

An API a Day

I’ve been working with REST APIs for about 8 years either as a consumer or as an API publisher. My current employer, FamilySearch, has a pretty extensive API that is used by many companies. This year, we are really focusing on how to improve the developer experience so that developers can more easily grok what …

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MooseRoots Record Embeds

This is cool. MooseRoots.com has embed/share code to embed a number of their visualizations on your blog or website. check this out: This is my Great-grandfather’s family: Francis Zimmerman – Household | FindTheBest This is a map of Zimmerman surname distribution: Meaning of Francis Zimmerman’s Name | FindTheBest Here is a trend of popularity of …

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Apple’s Copy Crush

Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote revealed some cool new innovative features for Mac OS X and iOS. It also showed off several features that simply copied from products built on its platform. In an attempt to dazzle developers with the new features, Apple sent the message, “We will copy your features and crush your apps!” The …

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